ireland, clearwire problems

Landlord fixed us up with a Clearwire broadband device (wireless device that connects to the ISP) and a netgear ADSL router. The Clearwire router works perfectly if I plug in directly via ethernet connection. However, when I hook the clearwire up to the netgear DG834PN wap I get a stable connection on a 85.134.x.x IP; shortly after, maybe a minute or two, the IP changes to and fails to route traffic to the internet.

I can still connect to the netgear interface, but with the 192 address I can't get to yahoo/google.

Any idea why my IP changes from public to private after two mintutes and blocks web access to all our laptops? Clearwire won't support us, they say since the broadband does in fact work that they can't support a third party device like the netgear.

The landlord refuses to replace the netgear wap because according to him he has the same setup and home and it works fine. (I thought that maybe since it's an adsl router that that was causing the problem


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Sounds like the DNS IPs are not setup right after you are assigned a private IP. Try pinging google's IP rather than This is the IP I get when I ping (I'm in Canada, so this might not be the best IP for you?)

Don't you want a private address if you are connecting the the router? The router should allow many computers to access the Internet without assigning each a public IP. The only public IP should be given to the router.

After you get a private IP, check your DNS server IP. What OS are you using? AFAIK, using the Private IP of your router as the primary DNS server should work.

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