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I have a simple question, I have 2 Belkin wireless Routers. One is the router on the cable modem and the other is setup as an access point only at the other end of the house. The one setup as an access point only is plugged into the network via Cat5e cable and plugged into a port on the one setup as a router.

I have both setup on the same channel and same SSID. Should these be on the same channel and have the same SSID? I find that when I move from one end of the house to the other I have to pull the wireless NIC from my laptop and re-insert it so that is will switch to the stronger signal. I was hoping that it would automatically switch but it doesn't look to be that way.

Just want to make sure the setup is correct.

Thanks for an info...


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Mike Benz
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Use different channels (1, 6, or 11) but the same SSID. That's because having them on the same channel constitutes RF interference between them. If there's no possible way that each access point can hear the other, then you can use the same channel.

However, you may have exactly the same problem. Windoze XP and many clients will not scan for a new access point (on the same SSID) until it completely loses signal from the current access point. If there's even the weakest signal from an access point at the other end of the house, it will maintain that connection even though there's a much stronger access point available nearby on a different channel. Sorry, seamless handoff roaming is not going to happen this easily. There are standards in the works to make this possible, but implimentation is limited to creative kludges by some manufacturers. It would work if the client drivers would scan for the best signal on idle, but few do that. XP SP2 WZC certainly does not.

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Jeff Liebermann

You should have them set to different channels.


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DLink Guru

Set them to different channels and...

.... this will work. It does for me, anyway.

(I also had to tell Windows to ignore all other APs - all my neighbours have wireless, so I have 2 and sometimes three other APs showing in my list.)

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