Wireless in 2 apts on different floors

Hello, I hope someone can help me out here. Im renting 2 apts in 1 building right now (one for us and 1 for my wifes sister) The building is 12 stories - 1 apt is on the 6th floor the other is on the

10th floor. (the 6th floor is on the back left of the building the 10th is the front middle - there building is 4 units wide and 2 deep) Anyways - my plan is to get dsl in one of them and share the connection via wireless. Can someone recommend the best way to do this. My neighbor on the 12floor has wireless and I cant see his on the 10th floor so Im assuming Im going to need someway to boost the signal. Is this a pipe dream or do you think it can be done. PS - the building is cement and steel.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Rob V
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Sounds like a tough assignment. You might pick up a Belkin preN router and give it a try. If it doesn't work, return it. The Belkin pre N routers appear to have the best range of the lot. But you're asking a lot. Put the router in the 10th floor apartment and give it a shot.

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Alan White

You best option is to go for 2 wifi AP's in bridged mode.. then use an external antenna each end and "beam" down the outside of the block. Connect the AP's the the PC's via CAT5 cabling.

You got little chance of getting through the concrete and steel with "little ol' wifi"

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So you're looking to go through 4 floors of concrete ...

...and a few walls

I don't think so. Since you're not even on the same side of the building, you can't even stick an antenna out the window.

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Derek Broughton

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