Belkin wireless AP's

SWB DSL(wish I can have fiber)

1 AP #1 (wireless) m/n f5d7130-- Belkin 1 AP & Extender #2(wireless)-- Belkin 1 laptop

AP #1 has been working for 2 years. I just replaced it with a brand new AP. My wireless network works ok except for when I walk into my bedroom on the opposite side of the house. The signal is weak and occassionally drops. This has always been a problem.

Now, I'm trying to extend my wireless network in my home. After reading the instructions in the manual, I bridged the 2 AP's together by placing the MAC's in each AP. AP #1 MAC was placed in AP #2. AP #2 MAC was placed in AP #1. I can still connect to AP #1 but when the signal is weak my laptop switches to AP #2. GOOD! but it's BAD because AP #2 is not connected to the network or AP #1. I tried the following:

pinging AP #1. failed pinging, of course this failed pinging AP #2. Success

I have to manually switch back to AP#1.

I called Belkin who instructed me to do all of the above. I think it was just the rep on the phone who didn't understand their product. I may call back on Monday or Tuesday to see if I can get one with more knowledge.

Do anyone have a website with information about extending the wireless signal with Belkin AP's?

Do you have any suggestions?


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You don't say what model of AP #2 IS.


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