Outdoor wireless fesibility

I have two homes about 600 - 700 ft apart. I may be able to get line of sight, but there are a few sparse trees in between the buildings. I wonder what would be the best equipment to connect the two. It is in a small residential area outside of town so I can't see much outside wireless interference being a problem but I'm mainly worried what I could use to get between the trees if I have to.

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Linksys WRT54G Wireless Router as your access point and a Linksys WAP54G Access Point set for client mode should work. Place them both outside inside a plastic box, if possible in the shade.

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Might consider using two of the Buffalo High-Powered routers - WHR-HP-G54. They seem to be the most powerful and will also take DD-WRT as an alternate firmware if needed.

I just found one at Buy.com for $40 delivered after the google checkout discount. - Jump on it!

Antennas can make all the difference. The more directional , the more gain and the more it busts through stuff in the way. Also, I have read that circular polarization will help get through trees. That's the spiel, anyway. Google for wifi antenna circular polarization maybe.

First I'd just get the two radios talking and see if anything else is needed. It's not really that much distance. May work fine without buying extra antennas or may need some help.

Cheers, Steve

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