Same Tunnel Interface destination with 2 different next-hop IPs

I am currently trying to build 2 Tunnel Interfaces across 2 different links, with 2 Cisco 2600s. Router 1 is the router with 2 Next-Hop IPs Router 2.

This poses a problem, I need to get the tunnel 10's traffic to only go through the (fa0/0) next-hop IP, and tunnel 20's traffic to only go through the (fa0/1) next hop IP. I am stuck because the 2 destinations are the same. Is there any way to accomplish this?

Router 1 ============ Fast Ethernet 0/0 - Fast Ethernet 0/1 -

ip route ip route

interface tunnel 10 //some output omitted tunnel-source fastEthernet 0/0 tunnel-destination !

interface tunnel 20 //some output omitted tunnel-source fastEthernet 0/1 tunnel-destination !

Router 2 ============ Fast Ethernet 0/0 -

Thanks in Advance!

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Well, the first thought that comes to mind is Policy Based Routing, but you haven't really given enough info. Why are you building two tunnels from/to the same locations and what makes the distinction of what traffic should go through which tunnel?

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I am attempting to load balance across 2 internet connections, one connected to each fast ethernet interface, and I want to do CEF per-packet round robin through each of the tunnels. This is primarily for the upstream direction.

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