Using Vmware to get on 2 different routers

Greetings! I have one laptop because that's all I can afford right now. However, I have VMware for Linux to give me virtual machines, so I have 2 XP boxes with 2 ethernet cards. If I can successfully get them both online and getting an IP, can I use one machine for 1 router, the 2nd virtual machine with the 2nd to the other router? I am trying to work out some configuration issues with the vendor, but I thought I would also check in this news group too. Buying another computer is not going to happen any time soon. I will play with simulations, but I really wanted to experience working on the routers myself. Does anyone use VMware for the same purpose as myself?

By the way, how many of you split up the CCNA exam into 2 parts as is the option? I am debating it, but I have enough trouble getting through the classes, I don't see me adding a test on top of entering semester 3 in January. That means I might as well just take one test next summer.

Thanks from a hopefully future CCNP

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David M. Schwartz
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Hi David,

You may also wish to investigate the EMC: VMware Forum:

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for testing routers. Why not have a look at dynamips:

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Martin Kiefer

Not sure if this helps but from what I understand when you boot the XP box each one will have an IP address of it's own. If you manually assign them their own IP address and the default gateway points to one of the Ethernet interfaces on the routers it will appear to be directly connected to that interface.

So with the IP address of one Ethernet int. is then you assign one ip address of the XP box or some other number in the subnet and the default gateway as I would think that it would work.


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Thanks for your earlier help. I just checked this thread tonight, having forgot about it. I got an extra used laptop. Now I go into my routers as one normally would, and hope for the best.

Good luck to you all in your certifications! I know I desperately need it!

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