VPN with Windows freeze trouble

Morning all,

I have a network configured in Australia as follows:

Two routers, each with a ADSL service connected (No client DHCP Server active, all DHCP off). .

One router, is used by Server 2003, as the gateway for the clients.

The other router, is a VPN server router, with a 512/512 connection. I also hook a single client workstation up to it, because they connect via Microsoft VPN client to the states. So in short: one vpn incoming server active. and one client on the network using the same router as a gateware, to vpn out to a server in the states.

Microsoft 2003 Standard Server w/ DHCP Server

Switch, with all routers, clients and server plugged into.


My problem, the clients all work fine, but when a a user connects to the VPN router, all the clients seem to have their explorer.exe freeze up and become unusable for about 15 minutes, sometimes longer.


can anyone solve this problem?

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