VPN Conncetion trouble

Hello NG!

I am experiencing some trouble with a VPN Connection to one of our customers.

Our customer uses a LANCOM VPN Router and we have to connect via LANCOM Advanced VPN Client.

The Problem ist, that we use the same Network. Our Network ist

192.168.0.x and the customer Network we have to connect to ist the same.

When I establish the connection I am unable to suft the Internet. It seems as if the Packages are going through the VPN Tunnel but I am unable to connect to their Terminal Server via Remote Desktop.

My PC uses the IP The Terminal Server on the customer side has the I am unable to reach the Our Gateway is .240.

Do I have to add some special routes?

Thanks in advance.

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Björn Runge
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Sure. MS Windows uses default router for local net (0 for you) on Ethernet NIC. Remove it. By default, VPN client uses remote address as default router. You'll connect to remote computer but can't connect any of local network. This routing entry can be removed under Unix without doubts but I don't sure about Windows.

Perfect solution: change all your network from 0 to something. Sometimes it's very difficult (mission impossible TM) task. You'll be able any connections after that.

HTH, agkhram

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Alexey G. Khramkov

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