Trouble with Netgear FVS114 establishing VPN

I have three Netgear FVS114 FW v1.0 VPN Firewall Routers that I have set up at different locations with an Aggressive - Both Directions "gateway-to-gateway" IPSEC VPN connection between them. I am using fully qualified domain names as IDs for the three gateways.

There are two issues I am experiencing:

  1. When any of the FVS114s are configured with an IKE and VPN policy they will run for 30 minutes to an hour (with the tunnel functioning), at which point they will lock up so that they will not respond to pings from the LAN or the WAN side, will not pass data on the LAN or to the WAN, and cannot be logged into via the administration page.

  1. While the VPN tunnel functions on initial configuration of the policies, when the FVS114 is rebooted (either by soft reboot from the administration page or by pulling the power cord after the FVS114 has locked up) the VPN tunnel is not reestablished. If I try to edit the IKE policy after a restart I get an error message: "ERROR: no matching policy found".

These two problems occur on all three FVS114s.

I realize this might not be the best group to post this question but I am getting little help from the Netgear forum and no help as of today from Netgear Support.

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Is FW v1.0 the lastest firmware for the FVS114? I have experienced on other netgear models that in order to get VPN to work after upgrading firmware you have to factory reset the router using the factory reset button. Do not import any previous settings at that point, just reconfigure both routers. Do the routers work for long periods of time if there is no VPN policy created?

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