VPN Client 4.8 - how to trouble shoot

Hello, I am having problems connecting to a remote (3000 miles!) VPN with the client. Sometimes I get a window pop-up and prompt me for user/name and password. usually I dont. Rebooting does not help - after a reboot it might work but usually not. I have increased the log level to MAX and get this:

Initializing the connection... Contacting the security gateway at w.x.y.z...

Have not managed to capture the log when it succeeds cos this doesnt happen often.

I am behind a DSL router so use the NAT/PAT option for transport.

What can I do to troubleshoot? It might be the server but my collegue can use the client OK, he uses the Internet but is local to the server.

Plz help!



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Usually in cases of intermittent connectivity, I have seen most problems caused by the DSL/Cable router.

Can you go in front of that (no Nat) and try direct?

If not, make sure you are running the latest firmware from the router's manufacturer. I have personally experienced this same problem with a Netgear router that a firmware upgrade fixed.

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