Setting up an remote phones through DSL

I am trying to set a remote phone (3Com 3102) using a 3Com 5012 router, NBX V3000, and a Cisco 806 router. At my main location I have my 5012 router that terminates to a T1 and connects the NBX. At my remote location I have my Cisco 806 that terminates to a DSL circuit. I want to set up a VPN tunnel using IPSEC and GRE ( to pass multi-cast packets).

Right at the remote site I am able to get out to the internet through the DSL provider and my tunnel comes up, but I do not believe that my IPSEC portion is up because I can not pass traffic across the tunnel.

Can someone help me out with the IPSEC configuration??

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Can you post a config of the 3com router, I've done a few tunnels with these new JV ones. simon

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