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Ok all here goes: I need a SIMPLE VPN solution for most of my clients. Being new to VPNs I need things to be simple. All of my VPN needs seem to focus on a clients access to a "home network."

My requirements are:

Relatively easy to setup and configure. Easy to maintain Inexpensive Very Secure

What I want to accomplish:

Tunnel all traffic through VPN Access network shares (Windows environments)

What I've tried: OpenVPN (Not a linux guy so I gave up) Linksys RV042 (I'm able to configure tunnels, but not able to access shares)

I've played around with other software, Hamachi, and been very impressed. The problem is I do not want to rely on a software solution.


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------------>> I know you said you didn't want a software solution. But I've been using a really EASY TO USE and POWERFUL, cost effective software solution worth checking out. It's called Zmesh. It's a hybrid solution I've never seen before. The software is free and the authentication service keeps the hardware overhead down from thousands of dollars to something that is affordable. What you get for your money is crazy -- for as little as $20-$30 / month. Tons of functionality for very little cost. If you've seen, heard, or read about: OpenVPN, Hamachi, WebEx, Ventrilo --- get ready for something better than all of these. Wrapped into one nice little package --- ** Zmesh ** by Zullo Technologies is really amazing. Zmesh allows users to build a completely encrypted vpn mesh with practically zero configuration. Once you are in your own mesh, network shares, file transfers, desktop sharing, voice chat, text chat, and video conferencing is a breeze. Seriously, I live in NY, and my parents live in FL - and I am able to help my DAD fix his computer with such ease of use. I was able to configured his router remotely, and was able to explain what we both were seeing on his screen in just a few minutes. Zmesh is a serious online collaboration tool that blows away other solutions that cost tons more money -- Zmesh is truly worth checking out and right now they have 4 FREE Sponsored Meshes so you can test drive the product:

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season ace

If looking for hardware solution I suggest going ZyXEL:

ZyWALL P1 personnel firewall with VPN for each remote PC or Notebook. ZyWALL 2 or 5 or 35 or 70 for HQ.

I think ZyXEL have all your requirments:


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