Notebook --> phone --> VPN -->Desktop-Computer with ADSL Internet possible ?

In my home appartment, i have a

desktop PC with 2 NICs and a telephone modem. NIC1 is connected via an ADSL modem to the broadband internet, via PPPoE. OS is WinServer203 STD.

NIC2 is usually for my LAN and it therefore has the IP

I have the ICS enabled on the connection to my ADSL, so the computer (i.e. notebook) on the LAN can share the internet. So far so good.

Now, when i am not in my appartment and i leave the desktop PC running, i would like to use my notebook to connect via telephone line to my appartment and use the ADSL internet.

So, i set up an "incoming connection" which is presumably a kind of VPN. This incoming connecton is for the phone modem.

Now, when i "call" my appartment from outside, the phone modem rings, the incoming connection is established and i can log in via my administrator user name and password.

But : Neither can i see any of my files, nor can i use the ADSL internet.

I can however check that my computer is on-line, because i use DYNDNS and remote desktop when i am at a location where i have ADSL.

But my idea is to connect via phone line to my appartment and use my ADSL internet over that phone line.....

Did any one try this ?

would be glad vor any help.

greetings from Dresden.

Roland Schweiger

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Roland Schweiger
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Roland Schweiger schrieb:

Why would you want to do this (and not dial up the internet directly)?

To make this work, you must setup a correct IP address subnet and - most important of all - the correct default gateway...

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Martin Bodenstedt

Infact, just an idea to save costs - when I am "out in the countryside", i only have my mobile and to use this for the internet, is very expensive. But i have 1 free number ("best-friend-number") and if i use my home location's phone number for this, i could make an internet connection by using my home pnone + my ADSL which is on day and night anyway.

My ADSL provider disconnects me every 24 hours for a few seconds which means that i get a new IP. I solved this by useng DYNDNS and experiments with remote desktop always worked.

I know that using vpn to share the internet connection is more difficult and i don't even know if the standard gateway must be the or the current IP address of my ADSL internet connection - so far i tried both and neither worked. :-(


Roland Schweiger

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Roland Schweiger

Roland Schweiger schrieb:

Point taken ;-)

What default gateway does your internal PC use (the one that is not directly connected to the internet)?

Use the same gateway and an address from the same subnet inside your VPN

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