Need help with VPN basics

After searching and reading and getting all mixed up, I decided it would be best to just ask the experts myself :) There´s so much information lying around I don´t know anymore what´s right for me and what isn´t...

Here´s the deal: I need to do some testing with vpn for future needs. Right now, I just want to get some experience with remotely accessing ressources at my office. Later on, a small number of users should be able to simultaniously use vpn for remote access.

I´ve tried to get something done (within one LAN, just for testing purposes) by using the Windows2000 vpn-features but I don´t even know how to access files even though the vpn-connection is established.

We have ADSL with a public IP-Address and a router with no vpn capabilities. My problem is: I don´t know where to start. Do I need hardware, software or both? If a new router would be sufficient, what would be a cheap way to get started?

I´m sure I´ll have more questions as things become clearer (hard to believe that ever happens..), but I´ll let you guide me into the right direction. If you need more information about our network etc. just ask. I´d really appreciate some help!


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