replacing aerials on wireless network cards

There are are number of cards out there with detachable antennas... Do they all use the same standard connector?

If not, what are the different standard ones they use?

And in particular, I have am interested in a replacement antenna/ aerial for the netgear WPN311.

The range on the existing aerial is fine, but somebody moved the comp a long distance, and somehow the antenna came off and vanished!

I guess I don't want a big antenna, because smaller is safer/less radiation? I don't need a big antenna.. just a small one like the one it had.

A netgear representative answering an online submission form, said they won't replace the antenna (I could call customer services.. but anyhow)..

From briefly looking into it.. like looking at sites selling antennae.. the hawking site (haven't checked buffalow yet) They want SMA connectors on the card. Or TNC(perhaps some bigger antennas use that). And there are adaptors.. I heard that my netgear card has an SMA connector, but I cannot see anything on the netgear site to confirm that.


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tells us that Netgear WG311 / WG311T Wireless PCI Adapter uses a reverse polarity SMA. But no listing for the WPN311. Call Netgear.

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Assume R-SMA

With that link you mentioned, you answered some of my questions.. about what connectors are standard.. That page t-WLAN/wireless LAN radio pigtails- I see is on a few links. Is a great resource. Thanks for that.. Naturally, it also shows network cards and routers with detachable aerials.

Googling found stuff about cheap aerials.. Answered the other question Wireless 5 dBi R-SMA Antenna 7.30 UKP, (from novatech)

I might get a wireless usb adaptor mentioned in that list on your link, a detachable antenna on that is cool.

That answers everything really..


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On 20 Mar, 00:09, ""

prob solved.. but I will just add..

Hawking told me the WGN311 has a detachable aerial.. They didn`t ask me for a model number. Just a make. I asked if all netgear products have SMA. The tech rep did not get it.

Netgear didn`t know.. The guy said they don`t give or sell replacement aerials and thus they don`t carry that sort of information. I was impressed that their tech line was open at 11pm though. I expect that from some ISPs, but didn`t expect it from just a manufacturer.. I know belkin have good tech support hours too.

It only mentioned one wireless usb adaptor EUB-362 EXT... But google shows others e.g. made by hawking, with detachable antennas.

The other USB your link mentioned was a wireless usb router (presumably still needs to be connected to the telephone line for net access. Maybe USB is for power. Perhaps Not that useful).

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