Need help with Dlink DI 808HV VPN Setup


I have a Dlink DI 808HV running on a DSL line with a static public IP. I am trying to get XP and 2K client to connect to our server remotely and I am confused The setup is as follows: Public Static: Verizon IP LAN PPTP Virtual When I connect to the VPN from my remote client I get an address of But then I have no way of getting to my server The router will not let me make my virtual IP on the same subnet as my LAN.

Do I need to add routes to my clients or router?

I have gotten myself beyond confused.

Thank You in Advanced.

Larry C

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LC ,

Just setup 1 of these a couple weeks ago (dynamic IP but same setup for this). You have it setup correctly so far.

Take a look at this

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Let me know - Can you PING the server? Can you Ping the LAN side of the router ( When you say you can't get to the server how are you trying to do that? Are you trying to browse a workgroup,etc?.


L C wrote:

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I had setup the Virtual PPTP as the IP of my server so that was my issue. I am now getting the "There are currently no logon servers available to service the logon request" message. Time to research that.

I am making progress though.

Thanks for the Help

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