Sonicwall TZ170 and software-based VPN problems

Hello. I thought I'd see if others are having the same problem I am with a new TZ170.

I've had a couple of older Sonicwall SOHO units that have functioned well. They protect my home network. In order for me to work from home, my company requires that I use the AT&T Network Client software VPN product to connect to our corporations network. With the SOHO units, it works just fine.

I recently upgraded to a TZ170 and for what ever reason, this software no longer works. I have contacted AT&T and they gave me the list of TCP and UDP ports their product uses. I have created services for these ports to pass through the firewall but still no luck. I have contacted Sonicwall support and they are trying to figure it out as well.

My question is -- is anyone else successfully using a software-based VPN through a TZ170? Please respond to the list as the e-mail listed is a spam-eliminator address.


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We have just purchased and had a consultant configure a TZ170 for our business. I have little experience but can at least provide info that we are using 'raccoon' built into Mac OS X machines with a third party client (Mac only I would assume) VPNTracker(basically a GUI for configuring the unix items). It does work. There are some caveats though as we can not set/get a LAN IP connecting and appear on the network as either the remote LAN IP or if accessing via public IP that is used. The software listens on the configured subnet which matches that of the SonicWALL and sends any network traffic on that subnet to the VPN.

So, in theory, software based VPN is working on our TZ170.



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