Getting VPN to work with VOIP

Anyway, what I had to do was go into the port forwarding on the router

> and forward UDP ports 6025 and 2427 to a certain static address that > would be in the DHCP range of the router, but on the high end (to make > sure no computers on my network would get assigned that same IP address > if they hapenned to connect while my DVC was not connected). Since my > router's DHCP server starts at with a limit of 50 > clients, I chose for the forwarding. Then I went into > the DVC and changed it back to static IP but this time put > instead of the external IP that it used to have. Now I > have internet, VPN and dial tone.

I wrote up network diagrams for how I solved this problem. Would it be

helpful (or even possible) to post them here? I don't have much experience with posting binary data on newsgroups.

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