BEFSX41 Dead Internet Port

I had a strange thing today, and figured I'd let y'all know about it...

I suddenly lost the internet connection, and, after a little poking around, realized the Internet indicator on the router and the Ethernet indicator on the DSL modem were out. It was like someone had pulled the cable between them. At first I thought maybe the indicator was out because the PPPoE connection was gone, but I compared it to another router and found the indicators are the standard link lights, and shouldn't go out.

After some messing around, I did a hard reset on the router and the connection came back. I re-entered my setup information and now it's working fine.

I have two BEFSX41 set up nearly identically, one at each end of the VPN tunnel, but only one had this problem. I'm using the new 1.52.9 firmware, which has been very good so far.

-- Gerry

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Gerry Wheeler
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Gerry, I've also got a BEFSX41 and it's become a right royal pain in the arse of late. The router keeps doing a warm boot at random intervals - rarely staying connected for more than an hour at a time. It reconnects, so it's not a problem for browsing / email, but IMs crash out and often you don't realize and miss messages.

Also running the latest firmware. I'm suspecting it could be linked to fluctuating power levels, but I've nothing to support this theory.

Seriously thinking about slinging it out and replacing with a Netgear model.

Be interested to hear if anyone has experienced similar problems with their router.


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Mel Would

If you suspect fluctuating power you might consider a "constant voltage transformer." They came on the scene over 60 years ago and many are still running in industrial locations today. I have all my equipment behind various units that vary from 400 watts to 600 watts and will be having everything on a 2kw unit when I move into new digs. Here in SoCalifornia they can be had from $25 to $100 (surplus stores) for smaller vs larger units. 95-135Vin = 118Vout +/-3% with the added benefit of no transients by the design of the device. Google for more detailed information. Old, simple, basic but very effective low tech type device. Humms, runs warm, but just plays on.


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