Linksys BEFSX41 router/firewall Firmware Upgrade (1/11/2006)

Just FYI for other Linksys BEFSX41owners. A while back (last year) I asked about this router and was told that it had numerous firmware issues. Just wanted to mention that there is a firmware update available now (not sure when it was posted, but it is dated 1/11/06). Maybe this is old news... I dunno... but...)

Here's a clip from the version upgrade docs. Available at

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Linksys- A Division of Cisco System, Inc.

Firmware Date : January 11, 2006 Current Firmware : Version 1.52.9 Product Part No. : BEFSX41 v1/v2

Ver #. Date Description


1.52.9 Jan 11,2006 1. Fixed Tracerouter in WAN will cause the device to reboot. 2. Fixed VPN selection of FQDN and manual mode to warn customers that it will not work. 3. Fixed VPN tunnel name will get cut off if more than one word is used for the name. 4. Fixed MTU enable would cause DNS from Internet to LAN to be dropped preventing web surfing. 5. Fixed issue specified by 6. Added QoS help file 7. Added PeanutHull Client for DDNS. 8. Added MTU in the Status page 9. Fixed MSN messenger audio not establish correctly with UPnP 10. Fixed netbios not passed through VPN tunnel. 11. Fixed VPN connection that will fail when remote gateway is FQDN and its IP changes. 12. Fixed UPnP function 13. Fixed website blocking by keyword could cause the router to reboot. 14. Fixed a few User interace issues. 15. Modified PPPoE, DHCP, and other connection type to be more stable. 16. Increased VPN Pre-shared key up to 31 characters. 17. Fixed proxy filter that would cause the router to reboot when transfering large files through webmail. 18. Fixed filter function that will cause the router to reboot. 19. Fixed with long URL causing router to reboot. 20. Fixed problem for Internet port obtaining IP from RV series LAN Port. 21. MOdifed DDNS Username to allow longer characters. 22. Fixed Random reboot when Firewall is disabled and some filter rules are configured. 23. Fixed URL/Keyword not working properly. 24. Fixed media player through the internet to reboot the router. 25. Fixed ISAKMP packet on the LAN side would respond with a fragmented packet. This resulted the router to reboot. 26. Added Auto-WAN detection used with the Setup wizard. 27. Modified the filter policy function. 28. Fixed ARP packets being sent when default gateway is offline.

1.50.18 Apr 30, 04 1. Fixed PPTP connection problem 2. Added Filter Ident(port 113) option 3. Fixed abnormal port scanning results 4. Fixed DMZ function 5. Fixed vulnerability that would cause the router to reboot 6. PPPoE PADI does not send the Service name


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Better yet, check out the forum at DSLReports:

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1.52.9 appears to have a memory leak causing occasional reboots. It's possibly associated with uPnP.

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