our Linksys migration - BEFSX41 --> WRT160N

I've had my Linksys BEFSX41 router for ages. Somewhere along the way, I added a separate Linksys WAP54G to our network.

Recently, came across an extra Linksys WRT160N that was not being used, and installed it to replace just the Wifi function of the WAP54G, but still kept the BEFSX41 as the main router for home.

OK - so, any comments on finally retiring the Linksys BEFSX41, and just let the Linksys WRT160N handle all the router and WiFi functions ?

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You might want to read some reviews on the WRT160N before taking the plunge. For example, 32% of the reviews on Newegg and Amazon call it junk. V1 is probably barely OK. No clue on V1.1. V2 is junk.


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Jeff Liebermann

I am not a computer pro, so I have only my own home experience to report, but my experience with a WRT160N has been very good. It has been the remote router of a repeater bridge, serving five or six wireless devices for four years with almost no down time. It is a factory-refurbished version 1 unit. However, my positive experience is probably a result of installing DD-WRT version 12548M as soon as I got the unit. I have not upgraded the firmware because I do not want any of the features of the later versions. This version of DD-WRT has the reputation of being very stable, and my experience has been consistent with that.

Of course, YMMV, especially if you have a version 2, which does not even have the same chip or the same amount of memory and should really have been given a different model number.


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