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I need to add wireless capability to a small office network. I'm wondering if I should just get an inexpensive consumer grade wireless router and connect its WAN port to the company LAN. Can you 'chain' into another router like that?

Or, I could replace the existing edge router (MultiTech RouteFinder 550 VPN router) with one that incorporates wireless.

Existing setup has about 15 PCs networked internally connected to the outside via DSL. Low count VPN connections from internet to internal LAN are also needed.

Any particular products I should take a look at?

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You can turn off dhcp on the wireless router then connect one of its lan ports into the network, it will then work like a wireless AP. That or just buy an access point - linksys etc do them. simon

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A wireless access point is exactly what I need. Sometimes its a matter of just knowing what to ask for.


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Interesting, this does not address the issue of security on your company network.

I would suggest you put your access point on its own external IP. Then, setup your vpn to allow office users access to your company network. If you dont have additional IP's, setup another subnet and use vpn to bridge the two. Require users over AP to connect to your network via vpn. I would not put the AP on the same subnet as your existing network. You are just asking for trouble.


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