Wireless Router Suggestions?

Can anyone recommend an inexpensive home wireless router for me. Most importantly I desire the router to allow for one completely separate network for my wireless devices with another traditional(wired) ethernet interface on a different network. This device will NOT be acting as an internet gateway so I strictly need a LAN device sans DSL/cable modems. I would appreciate both WPA and WEP capability. An added bonus would be packet filtering capability but this can be accomplished at other locations within my network. Another added bonus would be integrated wired hub (assuming it still falls within the previously mentioned separate subnet).



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Athena Dopicanzi
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You won't find that in an inexpensive single box. Every consumer wireless router or access point is designed to bridge its wireless network to the Ethernet network to which it is connected, creating a seamless subnet of wired and wireless clients. You'll need to use nested routers (one of them being the wireless box) or a router that supports two subnets.

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Neill Massello

What's wrong with most wired routers? Plug the WAN interface into your LAN, and your WiFi net is separate from your LAN, and you can have a separate LAN shared with the WiFi by using the wired ports...

You have to make sure they are on different subnets, but that's trivial.

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William P. N. Smith

Unless I'm missing something, a wired router and a wireless access point should do the trick. With the wired router, could you not set the firewall settings to disable all internet connectivity based on MAC address and/or IP address? Furthermore, could you not have the router allow only the AP and its clients access the internet? Again, if I'm missing something, let me know. I have a tendency of skimming over posts from time to time.

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Doug Jamal

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