Is RocketVoIP Deceiving Customers Regarding "Unlimited" VoIP

A disturbing post just appeared on -- I have removed references to RocketVoIP from the Resources for Michigan Telephone Users web site until and unless this issue is resolved.

"Hi all ... I have a problem with RocketVoip

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They said their service is unlimited ($24.95) and suddenly they sent me an email about a week ago, telling me that I'm not qualified as a residential user and they asked me to switch to business plan. Please read the attached email. ..."

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How to Distribute VoIP Throughout a Home:
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If you live in Michigan, subscribe to the MI-Telecom group:
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[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: This sounds a lot like our friend Sprint's old "Friday Free" plan doesn't it? Remember that one? Sprint tricked people into signing up for long distance by lying to them saying their Friday traffic would always be free to _residential_ customers. Soon thereafter we started hearing from folks who said Sprint had written them a letter saying they were not a 'qualified' residential account, so they would have to pay for their Friday calls. Sprint signed the letters with some phone name (I forget off hand what it was), and many folks, including myself tried time after time to reach the person to ask him what it was about, and what made persons 'qualified'. I don't think anyone ever did reach that person, and as to be expected, no one in Sprint customer service ever had any idea what it was about.

If the original writer wants to send along the email saying they were not 'qualified', and assuming it has a good name on it, we will try to reach that person and ask them what it is all about, and to explain the qualifications required. PAT]

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