Customer could not get Verizon to register his device until he tricked them [telecom]

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By Alan Friedman

No matter which carrier you use, the odds are that you have a story to tell about how you were ignored by the big faceless wireless provider. Of course, as the "little guy" in this battle, you had to fight with all of your might for justice. ZDNet today explained what happened to a wireless customer named Kevin and how he managed to capture the attention of Verizon after the firm refused to give him the customer service he needed.

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When I was a young technician at New England Telephone & Telegraph Company, I worked with an older Irishman whom I'll call Sean.

Sean and his wife were having problems, and she'd moved back to Ireland to get away from them. Sean, who wouldn't think of divorce, had to take a second job, working on the PBX connections and repairs at a major insurance company in Boston. Mother Bell frowned on that, but couldn't do anything about what it didn't know, so we'd get calls from Sean when he needed favors to get some executive's line fixed quickly or installed faster, etc.

I answered his call one night, after he'd been doing it for about a month, and I told him that I wouldn't do what he wanted done, because it wasn't in the rulebook or the stars weren't alligned, or whatever.

Sean sighed, and uttered a warning I'll never forget: "You guys are so arrogant!" He apologized for his remark the next time I saw him, but I told him that it was true and thanked him for the wake-up call. After that, I made it my business to put Sean's tickets on the top of the pile, and to get his troubles fixed with a minimum of fuss and no pretentious references to "the company policy." It made me a better employee, and a better person, too.

Sean's wife came home after a couple of months in Roscommon, and he went back to working just the one job, but I never forgot the lesson he taught me.


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