this had to happen

Just saw this site!

Looks like they are wanting to get the jump on

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John Sebastion
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I got my number here in Carlsbad! Works great! I

I got a number for Bakersfield were my family is out. Now they call a local number and it rings here in Carlsbad for free.

This is too cool, and I get voice mail and caller id

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I get a blank page and an invitation to download something I won't... Any way to contact them without installing flash? mike

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Yeah, go to the source.

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Jonathan Roberts

You mean, it rings in your PC with broadband, right?

Otherwise, you'd have to be paying call forwarding to your landline, no?

TIA, jbr

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snipped-for-privacy@somewhere.else (BigBen) wrote in news:44759e21.3569062

It works the same as other voip service and different.

It uses either a analog adapter to use your regular home phone or software to use with your computer.


A bridge so you can use it without being connected to braodband, so now you can use a cell phone or regular phone where there is no high speed!

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