Cisco 4224 gateway ISDN Bri can't dialin


Currently I am training for the VOIP examn. To extend my skils I installed cisco callmanager 3.3(2) in combination with a Cisco 4224 gateway.

In VWIC1 and VIC3 are installed a VIC 2b-s/t te. In VWIC2 is a serial interface installed.

After setting things up, callmanager is working in conjunction with the C4224. Only when I define the gateway, I can't select the BRI interfaces! Now I was wondering how to receive and place calls using the BRI interfaces.

When I dial the BRI it displays the following:

*May 7 15:15:28.306: dp_handle_isdn_is_signalling_channel_up: idb 0x8247A610 status 1 *May 7 15:15:28.306: dp_check_and_notify_all_dp_state peer_tag 99940 *May 7 15:15:28.306: dp_check_and_notify_all_dp_state tag 99940 prev_state 0 curr_state 0 *May 7 15:15:28.306: dp_check_and_notify_all_dp_state peer_tag 1 *May 7 15:15:28.306: dpCheckTerminationStatus : Layer1 or Layer2 is down, idb=0x8247A610 *May 7 15:15:28.306: dp_check_and_notify_all_dp_state tag 1 prev_state 0 curr_state 0 *May 7 15:15:28.342: %ISDN-6-LAYER2UP: Layer 2 for Interface BR1/1, TEI 97 changed to up *May 7 15:15:28.358: %LINK-3-UPDOWN: Interface BRI1/1, changed state to up *May 7 15:15:28.590: ISDN BR1/1 Q931: RX
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I assume the gateway is setup in CallManager as H.323 (considering there is no MGCP support for this GW)... Do you have a voip dial-peer pointing back to the CCM?

Because this:

Indicates the gateway has no idea what to do with the call.

Also, is the gateway setup in CCM?

BTW, you should really upgrade the CCM to 3.3(5)sr2



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