Sunrocket, Cordia, VOiPyourLife, Packet8, Teleblend what's next?

We are SunRocket ejects! I have previously posted about my fun (not) in finding another service provider. Currently we have Teleblend, but their service is not great. Today the telephone answering picks up after one ring, but the other party reports they had 4 rings. The telephone answering is still SunRocket (lots of rumors, did some SunRocket employees/management simply move over to Teleblend and start a new service with leftover SunRocket accounts and equipment?). I have sent out an email inquiry to Teleblend - but once again I am considering another VOiP service. Vonage is not a consideration due to their legal problems. I've already tried Cordia, VOiPyourLife and subscribed to Packet 8 for a year. Is there another company for VOiP that will provide reliable, quality service and port my SunRocket telephone #. Also, and I know this is a two sided coin, I want a reasonable base rate that includes US and Canada calls for free.

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To answer part of this question, yes, Teleblend did aquire SunRocket equipment. This is why some SunRocketeers did have phone service after the "official" SunRocket end of service date. If you ported your service to Teleblend they basically did nothing but pick up where SR left off.

I really had no complaints with SR. They answered their phones, gave help, and provided lots of extras at a fair price. What I don't like is that they took my $200 and only gave me 5 months of service.

Like you, I'm having a tough time finding the right provider. Teleblend didn't work for me. I tried Vonics, but canceled them after a couple days. They have terrible support (don't answer phones). They refunded my money but a month later they managed to grab my phone number! Now I'm trying to get to get it back for me. In the meantime I can only make outgoing calls.

Lots of these companies are claiming their poor service is because of the demise of SR. Long waits for device deliveries, long waits for sales or support, as if it's our fault. It seems a convenient excuse for just plain bad service.

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