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never heard of them either, but I signed up with Cordia for VOIP four months ago. It was the only VOIP I found avalible for my area code. Plugged the box into the router hooked up a phone and it worked first time and so far so good, I had an issue with calling out once, e-mailed the company and they were right on it and had it fixed in a couple of hours. I dropped my landline phone three months ago. At least a 100 bucks saved so far. I chose the 14.95/mo plan = 500 minutes since I don't use the phone much. I was getting tired of the phone company and the government tacking on taxes and fees, special services etc. seemed like something new every month. My basic phone service was supposed to be under 18 dollars a month plus 5 dollars a month for 200 minutes of LD, but after everything was added on it was consistanly over 40 dollars a month. The only difference I've noticed is when dialing out, it takes a while for the answering party's phone to start ringing. Is this common with all or most VOIP? Also I use cable modem Cox, I've read something about deep packet searching and that some internet providers may move to restrict VOIP in the future, since Cox doesn't offer VOIP in this city I'm not to worried but curious if this might be a problem in the future. Also curious how secure VOIP is? If a person gives their credit card number or bank account number using a VOIP is it secure? All in all, changing to VOIP, I'd do it again and I can't say that for a lot of things I've done. I expect the government to start taxing VOIP eventually, they will find a way, they always do. In the meantime I enjoy not paying those damn taxes every month for what little I use the phone. I've been following CORG for a while and thinking of maybe investing a little in the stock. Anyone know anything about this company.

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Try adding a "#" after the last digit in the phone number you dial if you're dialing a 7 digit number.


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Jim Holcomb

Thanks, Funny thing happened the other day, my neighbor with a wire line came over to use my phone to call the phone company because his phone line had quit.

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