phone adapter, please help!

let's say that i've a voip account: which one do u think is the best phone adapter?

Thanks, Robert

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I have only used one but it has always worked for me....

Sipura SPA-1000. They apparently are getting harder to find since it is an older model but they should still be available on ebay.


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Jonathan Roberts

Hi Robert,

I have used ZyXEL P2000W Wi-Fi VoIP adapter giving crystal clear sound, but you should have wireless Access point first.

Also ZyXEL P2000 or P2000L is avery good ATA with 2 phone jacks and normal Ethernet RJ-45 jack.


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For the best in high audio quality, adapter for voip and pstn, use combine-a-line. the first and original line combining device. The new units come with surge protection to protect your phone and modem equipment from surges, plus two adapter. CLT does not use a wall wart power supply so the sound quality is hum and noise free! low cost S&H

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