My first VOIP call

Although I am a great advocate of SKYPE to make free calls PC to PC, today I made my first VOIP PC to Landline telephone call. I used the UK

1899 service to Ireland because I get my calls for 0.05 pence per minute. It worked very well in that I heard the person on the landline through my speakers perfectly, (as I listen to music a lot I have configured my system to only use the mike of my headset), however they did not hear me very clearly and there was a lot of interference. Where is going wrong, do I need to configure my PC to use the headset to hear as well as talk, if so I lose my speakers, or can I set it up to use both. Why was the reception at the other end so bad. Admittedly 1899 say they are in Beta but if I use someone else I won't get such a good deal on the cost of the calls and then I might as well use the landline to landline. Any help and suggestions and help would be appreciated.
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My apologies, unfortunately I posted this question twice by accident, so sorry.

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