hello Can some one let me know how can i call from my PC which is using Lease line (or ADSL) to PSTN line... do i need any hardware installed on my PC ..

Thanks Jazz

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I have been using Skypeout for 3 days. It seems to me that you can only use Skypeout to reach a PSTN phone. not its extension number. My experience is that after a PSTN phone number is connected, you are no longer able to key in its extension number. Am I right?


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KC Mao

Have a look at

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which will provide you with a soft-phone which does PC-PC calls and if you buy credits with Skypeout you can call PSTN phones in any country. The rates are published for each country you are calling - it doesn't matter where you are calling from and most countries are 1.2EuroCents per minute.

You would be better with hardware - preferably a USB phone - but to evaluate the package Skype use a headset with boom mike. Remember to disconnet the earphone plug when you are not using it so that you may hear incoming rings on the PC Speakers.

Have fun

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Dave Stephen

First your internet provider must have the ablity about voip . Then you must install a call software in your computer, such as sip-phone or MGCP- phone.

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I am not an authority on Skype, KC but there is a Skype Forum which may help you further. No doubt you know of it but it is :-

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Personally I have used this feature to UK numbers OK where the PBX answers the number and invites the input of the extension e.g.

0044 1955 XXXXXX Wait for reply 229

I use a USB Phone and can either enter the numberts on the USB Phone or on Skype Dialler. One last suyggestion - have you downloaded the latest version of Skype

Sorry that's all I can suggest - good luck!

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Dave Stephen

If U have a pocket tone dialer, you can try to generate the tone near the MIC of the headset to see if skype will propagate the tones for the other end device to recognize.

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