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I live in McAllen, Texas, USA. Vonage and Lingo cannot yet offer a local toll free number, so it was important that my SBC number be ported. Packet8 could not only port my SBC number, but they offered a local temparary number that could be called from the McAllen area toll free. I ruled out RoadRunner (Time Warner Cable) by price alone ($39.95/month).

I signed up with Packet8 on March 7, 2005 at $19.95/month. I faxed my application to have my SBC number ported to my Packet8 account on March

8, 2005. I received my Packet8 device, hooked it up, and activated it on March 17, 2005. My old SBC phone number was ported on April 8, 2005. The transfer was almost seamless (a phone call to Packet8) when my SBC service was terminated.

So far, everything seems to be working as advertised. Call forwarding, Call waiting, Caller ID, Voicemail, Etc. Also, my use history is available on the Packet8 site and is impacted within 10 seconds of my hanging up the phone.

Quality of the voice is as good as my experience with SBC. I wear hearing aids and voice quality is important.

So far, so good. Time will tell..

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John Harper
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Just out of curiosity, did you look into whether SunRocket was available in your area?

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I have good things to say about Packet8 as well. I think the porting process could be faster, but since SBC was involved I can understand them dragging their feet when losing a customer. The quality of service is much better than we had previously with SBC land line or with Cingular cell phones. We discontinued both SBC and Cingular and have gone to Tracfone (pay as you go) for emergencies and traveling. It was a monthly savings of $75 for us. I bought a new Vtech 5.8 Mhz cordless expandable phone system to take advantage of all of the new free bells and whistles and it gets along famously with my wireless computer network. We're very happy campers.

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The only problem I had with packet8 was that I had to dial my area code to call anyone in my area. So, I immediately dumped them and kept Vonage. Really pissed me off to, because it didn't say anything about that anywhere on the site. :(

I considered broadvoice, because I really just need local, but I don't trust them to not have that feature now. I sent mail asking, and never got a response.

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Steven M. Santinelli

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