Packet8 toll free number

Hey all,

Just a quick question and figured this would be the place to post it, as I can't get any info from Packet8 (their support is So-So at best).

When I got my sevice they offered a toll free 800 number with 2000 incoming minutes. It was a $9.99 setup and $4.95 a month. As there was no listing of a timed thing, I decided to wait.

So, I move my small business line over to them in hopes of getting a 800 number with 2K min on it then 2 days before the number was moved over, they change the plan.

Now, it's 100 incoming minutes for the same price and 4.5 cents a min after that. I am kind of pissed, as I am on their e-mail list, and I should of gotten something that they were going to change it, if I knew this, I would of changed my lines over sooner.

Anyone know if there is a way I can get 2 packet8 lines moved over to get 2k incoming for an 800 number for $4.95 a month ?

Thanks for your help...

"DavidinRI" at "gmail' Dot "com

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