Packet8 Number Portability

Packet8 has been ok for me. Just one thing thats been irritating. The claims on their website at times don't jive with reality. For one, they claimed that virtual numbers were available for Canadian area codes. That was simply a lie. They were aware of this contradiction but chose to ignore it for a very long time. Finally they removed the claim.

Secondly, they claim that it takes up to six weeks to have your number ported. That may be true for some, but it hasn't been true for me. It has been 9 weeks for me and still no "status updates" on my account. Their standard reply when called on this matter is, "I'll pass this to the LNP department".

On one call to support, I was led to believe it was stalled because of my phone company. I entered a complaint with my States's PSC only to receive a call from my phone company saying all they need is a PON and that Packet8 would know exactly what that is. Well ... I called support again. Same response as quoted above. Oh ... and he also said that the website is incorrect ... that it hasn't been updated yet to reflect that they are backed up and the time is actually more than 6 weeks. Support told me that 10 days ago. Does it take 10 days to update a sentence on a website? Naw it dutton.

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