This Time Around, I am Trying Sage Telecom

Monday morning, I woke up sort of angry at how basically useless Trinsic had been in swapping over my account from Prairie Stream. I spent about 45 minutes more or less right after waking up on hold waiting for a Trinsic rep to come on the line, and another ten or fifteen minutes explaining to her what the company's main offense had been: Telling me that my Prairie Stream account was going to be 'mirrored exactly' to them, then finding out later (once service had been started) that in fact my distinctive ring number (people dialing it makes the phone go ring-ring) was _not_ cut over, nor where various of my other requirements such as stopping anonymous calls (where the person had dialed *67 prior to the remainder of the number) from getting through. Well, she claimed she was sorry about all that, and she could get it all repaired but there was no guarentee I would recieve the distinctive ringing number back which I had used for a long time. She said, and I quote, "SBC will not re-assign that same number, but I can get you _another_ number." I told her this meant I would have to do at least three things: reprogram my fax machine (which always responds to the distinctive ring line only); call my 800 toll free vendor and get the toll free number reporgrammed at some expense to myself (after all, it's not that vendor's fault that the termination line was snatched away unannounced); try to get my front door bell reprogrammed.

So I asked her _will you please tell SBC we want the original number used for distinctive ring re-assigned?_ Nope, she says, sorry, but SBC will not do it that way; even though _we_ took it off your service in error, SBC will not give it back. After my first meals-on-wheels for today, I then put in a call to Sage Telecom, another sort of local company based out of Wichita, and spent about thirty minutes with her going through the whole thing over again. She said SBC _would_ return the erroneously removed number, and the other features which I had wanted would be put back in place. She said their $29.95 per month service would actually come to about $44.00 per month when 'fees' were taken into account, unlike Trinsic, whose highly-touted $56 per month plan would wind up costing me about $95 per month according to the voice mail message I got on Monday . I wonder if Trinsic intends to try and collect this $95 for the (less than) one week I experimented with their service? Oh, plus which, Trinsic had assigned my long distance service to (you guessed it!) AT&T on one of that company's more expensive plans.

So my week with Trinsic was not a very happy one. I am holding my breath to see if in fact Sage Telecom can retrieve my distinctive ring number so I do not have to pay the vendor of that service to reprogram my 800 line. Sage claims it will all be cut over on Friday, November 24, but I guess we will have to see it that holds true or not.


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