Howto: Connect Cisco CallManager Express to external SIP provider?

Hi, I have a 1761 router with CallManager Express software. I would like to be able to call an external number via a SIP provider.

Right now I have connected a GrandStream HandyTone 286 ATA adapter to an FXO port on my 1761 router and then I call out via that FXO port. It work but it is an expensive solution because I have to have an FXO card and a ATA box.

I have tried to configure a dial-peer to call via the sip-server but I can not get it to work.

Can anyone help me with this? e.g. a sample config.

My SIP provider has provided me with this info: Usernavn Password Phone number SIP-server

regards, Daniel I.

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This will not work. You will need a gateway betveen the SIP provider and the Call Manager since the Call Manager does not support SIP.

I had the same problem but not with Call Manager Express. I have a Call Manager 3.3.4 that I wanted to connect to my SIP provider that also supports AIX. Fixed it by placing an Asterisk as a gateway using H.323 to AIX.

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