FWD/Pulver vis Skype

Ordinarily people would pay big bucks for a technology industry analysis paper but what the hey, I'm in a good mood so you get it for free:


Pro: It's really easy to set up. Cons: Requires using a PC and headset, or gizmos to connect a phone directly to a PC Doesn't interconnect with anyone else, so you have to pay Skype rates No way to receive incoming calls from non-Skype users

FWD etc:

Con: Harder to get going Pros: You can use almost any equipment You can, in various ways, connect with almost anyone (except Skype) You can really do anything you can imagine as long as you have the time to work it out You can shop around for the best rates for termination.


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Miguel Cruz
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Is there or has anyone carried out an pros and cons analysis between FWD and Skype?


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You omitted to mention where you are, but I spy a ukgateway, in which case the answer to you question is NEITHER. Your best bet is

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principally because you get a FREE incoming UK geographical No. of your choice, there is no rental, and you can call almost any SIP based VoIP number anywhere for free. Calls to POTS lines cost just 1.12p / min anytime to UK and most of the first world. Regards, Martin

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Skype has little to do with SIP or IAX voIP service because it calls directly to the peer and uses proprietary protocol so can only talk to other Skype software. In that way, Skype is closed to the world of other voIP users while using voIP technology.

On a practical level, Skype has shown again and again that it can provide better quality calls even on dialup, and is easier to set up than any existing SIP/IAX product to set up.

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