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I am trying to decide whether to use FWD or Skype I intend using VOIP to make and receive calls. I need some advice. I am going to be communicating withusers in Africa who have broadband but very low bandwidthe (ie lower than 64k).


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SidKnee skrev:

This is not based on scientific facts, but merely a little experience: I would go for Skype, if you are talking about a pure PC-to-PC solution. Although they have a proprietary protocol, which could be a drawback if you plan to integrate it with other systems, they seem to handle different firewall issues much better than most SIP clients. (Including Freeworlddialup) In addition to that, you do not have to worry about different sound codecs to match degrading bandtwidth, this will be done automatically. And the setup procedure is very straightforward, and can be explained in a few words by email to a non-nerd. I have been talking to people in India with the same type of network performance as you are describing, with little or no quality loss.

If you want to be able to call from PSTN to PC or vice versa, a SIP-based solution would be necessary. Many SIP providers give you a free or inexpensive number for incoming calls - sipgate.de (Germany), Freeworlddialu (UK and US - I think) and many more. With Skype you can call out worldwide to PSTN for a prepaid amount, but not the other way round.

But - why don't you go for both, and use whatever is best in each case? It's free, anyway!

Good luck Svein

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You may use the new Pulver.communicator from freeworlddialup.com - it allows you to have both Skype and FWD accounts on the same softphone.

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FWD, because skype is a closed system and FWD isn't it's based on open standards.


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Mats Karlsson

"spamfilter" wrote Many SIP providers give you a

I have registered a phone number with Sipgate now how do I use it with FWD do I need to buy further Hardware?


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You can't, they're different networks. You can dial from Sipgate to FWD free of charge or the other way round, but you can't use a Sipgate phone number with FWD..!

Email me with your Sipgate or FWD numbers if you want to do any tests.

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Ivor Jones

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