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The early adopters always take it in the shorts. Hang in there, and good luck.

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Bill G
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I have a VoIP phone from Time Warner or RoadRunner. .

No dial tone all day. Nobody from Digital Phone is available at support desk. I just get the RR guys (Ref # 24605011). Even bought a new phone to see if my phone was the prob. Went down to the TW office and tried to report the prob there, but they referred me to the reg number

816.743.2400 . Send email via
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but I think they expect you to wait a day for a response. Tech chat says they don't have the resources to help.

I've been on hold now on a cellphone for over an hour and a half. I might as well give up

Maybe I'll find out something tomorrow.

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Nehmo Sergheyev

I finally got in touch with a TW DP tech just after I posted, and I was just about to hang up (I was getting tired of hearing "Your call is important to us..."). I don't know what he did (if he did anything), but now it works.

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Nehmo Sergheyev

Just why in hell would you add RR's phone service to your existing account? Do you really get that great of response when you call customer service about your cable or RR service being down??? I sure as hell don't. There is no way that I will add additional services to my account when I can't get decent responses from them with what I have now. Nice example, a nice little Saturday afternoon about 3 maybe 4 weeks ago, I tried to log on to the internet, no luck!! Thinking that my computer was playing tricks on me I rebooted it, nothing. I looked at my cable modem and voila, no data light!!! So I did a hard shut down (even turned my UPS off) and then turned everything back on (correctly and in proper sequence) and still no connection. Then I noticed someone else in the house tried to turn on the TV, and yes, you guessed it, no cable for the tv either. Well I got on the phone and called customer service and got speedy response after only a 15 minute wait on hold. Yes they confirmed that there was a service outage in my area. Good they were working on it. But I thought I'd be a step ahead and ask if they were going to be proactive and give refunds for the outage period? Would you believe it, they told me I would have to call back once service was restored and request it then. I did not get mad at the little peon on the other end, I've been there and know that they are only allowed to do so much. So I asked if I could talk with a supervisor!! I'll just get somebody that can tell me yes!! Would you believe that there was not a supervisor available because of the outage. She said she'd give me name to a supervisor and they would call me back. Good thing I didn't try and hold my breath, because I never got that call and still haven't to this date. I'm not too worried because service was restored within a hour of me getting off the phone. But they promised a callback and did not deliver. They suck at customer service and this has been proven over and over again.

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Here is the real question, Bud. What if SBC told you it would be two weeks for a tech. to come out and service your line? With plenty of phone customers around they would be dead meat before you could hang up. Right? JohneP

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Having escaped, in tact, from the Democratic Convention, "Proteus" inked:

You OBVIOUSLY don't have SBC as your landline phone company!

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Never anonymous Bud

This sounds like a performance issue, if you wouldn't happen to have the name of the person that you spoke with I would be more than happy to take it up with their supervisor. It is also possible that the person that you were speaking with was NHD.

When was the outage, and I will get the credit placed on the account.

-- Brad HSS Tier 3 x8017

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Brad High Speed Tech Support

Having escaped, in tact, from the Democratic Convention, "JohneP" inked:

A) I've NEVER had Time-Warner/RoadRunner tell me anything CLOSE to that. Generally for problems it's same day, or at worst next day, and

B) It's DAMNED hard to even GET to an SBC 'live person' unless you want to check billing.

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