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cisco 7960 has an headset port and it works with SIP images (that's what I tested).

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Kurt Jaeger
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I'm after some advice or information about hardware IP phones that have a headset option. I've had a look at a few suppliers that were listed on

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Their datasheets are not that clear.

Can anyone recommend an IPphone that can be used with a headset.

TIA Paul

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Paul Jones

All the major PBX manufacturers also make IP phones (Nortel, Avaya, Inter-Tel, Cisco, Mitel, etc). Most have headset jacks.

Note: voip-info.org is rather incomplete, failing to include info from many of the main manufacturers of equipment.

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Nortec in MN

Most phones don't have a headset socket, so you either have to just plug a headset into the handset socket and do without the handset, or buy an external box into which both the headset and handset plug so that you can switch between them. For some reason most phone makers don't realise how many people use headsets. I can give more information on the switching boxes if you want. RuthWest

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The Cisco 7960 has a headset socket.

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