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Last weekend, I happily retrieved my new CenturyLink phonebook from the front porch where it had been left, thinking to myself, ?What a great service.? I then carried it inside to replace the old phone book from last year, and tossed the old one. Mistake No. 1.

A few days later, while flipping through the pages of my new phone book, something caught my eye, namely, my name wasn?t included, nor were the names of several of my relatives or friends, none of whom are deceased or have switched to private numbers. We had been listed in the previous phonebook. However, we did have one thing in common, namely, we subscribe to the Time Warner phone service rather than Century Link.

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You (or Betty) are lucky! Here, the residential directories are no longer delivered unless you call and demand one. I did happen to be in the neighborhood of the telephone company's office (about 12 miles away) and they gave me one. But, the directory is now printed on well recycled paper with smallest possible type font and ink that I think also was recycled. Not anything for a person with failing eyes!

And, like in your case, the TW customers now are given a free "unlisted" treatment. As a TW phone subscriber, I am now not in the book. I have been told that in one of the TW statements there was a notice that, for a fee, I could be included in the phone book put out by the "real" phone company.

Many of the phone companies now have on-line directories that can be searched. For here they have a residential & business directory for

2012 on line, and a 2014 residential only directory. Doing a search for "smith" in both turned up well under half the number in the 2014 directory compared to 2012. (True, the old one included business, but really not many with that name.) Tells me that Time Warner has quite a number of customers!

Seems now I get just as many calls from non-friends as before, having your phone number on the DNC list seems to at least give the telemarketers a list of probable working numbers.


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