difference of quality: Grandestreem 102 vs Cisco 7912

which is the difference in quality for those 2 IP phones?

are the same which each providers or the CIsco could make the difference?


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I have a Grandstream BudgeTone100 and it works fine. 'Telco quality' audio even on the low bitrate codecs.

Good features. Only bad point is with the very clunky push buttons.

Note also for the 102 that the LAN connections work at only 10Mbit/s (rather than the more usual 100Mbit/s or more). No problem for VoIP but painfully slow if you connect your PC through it.

Good luck, Martin

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Martin 53N 1W

IMHO a better bet than a dedicated phone such as the BudgeTone 100 is the Grandstream ATA-486 into which you can plug any analogue phone. I use one in conjunction with a Panasonic DECT phone and the quality is excellent (using Sipgate) on both inland calls and to friends in the USA.


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Ivor Jones

The Grandstream BT102 works just fine, but it has a numeric only display so callerid will not show names.

I don't mind the buttons, personally, but they are large. I think the main issue is price vs quality. For this the BT series is very good IMO.

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Hi I have a BT101 and a 102 both work fine no issues on sound quality and also have a Cisco ATA 186 for fax and my dect, Again no issues on sound quality either. As others have said its a shame about the buttons on the BT. My older Blue 101 has a nicer feel than the 102. it feels as theplasic has got thinner.


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