Satellite receiver calling out over VOIP?

Vonage works just like a regular phone line. The only difference is that you need to dial "1 (area code) (number)" , but otherwise it functions as a normal phone. You even use a normal phone as a handset.

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Rather than the ability to dial, the question is whether or not you'll be able to connect and pass data both ways. My gut feeling is it won't work, but that's just a guess based on my own knowledge of voip and the complete lack of any QOS protocols over the public Internet. Any device that needs to pass TONES (modem tones/fax tones) over a VOIP connection is going to be facing a tough challenge.

How *sure* are you of this phone line "requirement"? I cannot answer for DISH, but I can tell you with absolute certainty that with DirecTV the phone line is *NOT* mandatory.

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I am considering gettting VOIP service at home (probably vonage), I also have 2 dish network receivers (one is a DVR) at home and they are connected to a land line. Dish network said that I have to have the receivera connected to the phone line, otherwise I have to pay extra per month per receiver (I think it is $5 per month per receiver).

Will the satellite receiver be able to dial out over VOIP?


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Hemant Shah

It does work. Bell Expressvu has the same technology in Canada and this works without problem over a Vonage line.

Hemant Shah wrote:

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Don't do it! (There are better providers.)

I have Dish Network and multiple recievers too. I haven't connected them to a phone line but I think mine are grandfathered from the days when there wasn't an extra charge for not wiring them. (I used ISDN when I first subscribed to Dish Network and I've been hoping to drop wired phone service ever since.)

Ug. Good question. I'm very doubtful that you'll be successful with such an arrangement. On the plus side, the receivers are able to work though "wireless phone jacks" so they can't be *too* demanding (2400 baud?). I have unfounded doubts that even a slow modem would make it through codecs that Vonage (or most anyone else) supports though.

I've considered setting up a modem and a line simulator to turn the DN modem data back into digital form. Then you could easily ship it via IP to a real modem somewhere else. All the technology is available. I'd be surprised if no one has done it already but I haven't found a ready-to-go solution.


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Kyler Laird

The issue is that DISH is being anal about making certain every receiver is actually located at the same residence where it is subscribed. This "requirement" effectively prevents you from getting multiple receivers all on the 1 same account and then passing them out to your relatives and buddies and splitting the bill.

DirecTV cares too, and if discovered will terminate service, but they are not quite as anal about it. All DTV will do is restrict those receivers so that they cannot place PPV orders (which when you think about it is to your advantage because it prevents your degenerate friends/relatives from running up your PPV bill)

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This is just another way they want to make money. Dish network support person told me that I DO NOT have to connect the phone line to the receiver but then I have to pay $5.00 per month per receiver. He told me why I needed to pay, but I cannot remember it now, it had nothing to do with Pay per view. He said that if the receiver cannot connect to their system over the phone line, I will get big black square in the middle of my screen unless I connect phone line or pay them $5.00 per month per receiver. He also told me that few customers did not have problem using Vonage with Dish receiver, I have to change the setting in the receiver so that it dials *99 before dialing out.

I have not tried it yet.

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