Making Sense of Cisco Spare Parts

I'm trying to make sense of Cisco's part number system that uses an equal
(=) at the end of some part numbers, and it doesn't make a whole lot of
sense to me so far. Some of the cases that are throwing me for a loop:
- I have a catalog that has parts with = and no corresponding part without
the equal. Case in point: 15216-AD1-2-30.3= I see as a spare but cannot
locate in the catalog a 15216-AD1-2-30.3. What is the meaning of such
- I see cases where the = part has a lower price than the part without the
equal. Example: 15808-CMP and 15808-CMP=. 15808-CMP is more expensive
by far.
I understand the cases where the = part has a higher price, primarily for
service contracts (which makes sense), and for other items that are
discounted at time of purchase with a system.
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I think part numbers without "=" available only when you "build" the system. For example, you build Catalyst 6513 with Sup720, line cards,etc. Or, for example, if you order NetFlow cards for Catalyst 4500/Sup5 as "part of the deal", or afterwards. These parts are "part of the package". however if you want to "add" some auxiliary functionality or redundancy, you have to use "spare" parts. It's like having Lego "set" and "spare" pieces. But honestly, in most cases there is no difference in pricing, quality or availability between "spare" and "non-spare" parts.
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When I worked for a Cisco Partner components ordered without the "=" were as has been said assumed to comprise an assembly and we checked carefully that the components did indeed fit together and interoperate and that the correct software was specified.
Parts ordered with "=" were on the other hand assumed to be discrete and no shuch checks were made. IIRC the Cisco ordering system did some automatic checking too.
There was never any price difference at all. That was though a while back.
As an example an order for a 6513 chassis, PSU, sup720, fan tray, software and 11 Dual fabric line cards would hopefully be flagged up as invalid unless ordered with "=" part numbers.
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All clear, but I'm still trying to make sense of the special cases I found such as:
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