Difference between Cisco 2950 SMI and EMI


What is the difference between a Cisco 2950 SMI and EMI. I posted a message a few days ago and someone replied that I would need a 2950 EMI to complete my CCNP & CCIE studies. I check in Ebay and those 2950 EMI could easily cost me USD1000. Living in a 3rd world country, this means several months of savings to me, not to mention that I would need several 2950 to play with. So I have a few more questions to ask.

  1. For CCNP, do I need 2950 SMI or EMI?

  1. For CCIE, do I need 2950 SMI or EMI?

  2. I did bump into
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    on a features chart for router IOS (e.g. what are the features of IP, IP Plus, Enterprise). I couln't find the samething on Cisco 2950. Anyone have any idea where?

  1. What is the ideal no of Cisco 2950 and 3550 that I need to have for CCNP?

  2. What is the ideal no of Cisco 2950 and 3550 that I need to have for CCIE?


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.. What is Cisco EI Software? A. The Cisco Catalyst 2950T-24, 2950C-24, and 2950G switches are installed with Cisco EI Software, which delivers intelligent services, such as advanced QoS, rate limiting, security filters, and multicast management, to the network edge.

Q. What is the difference between the Cisco Catalyst 2950 SI and EI versions?

A. The Cisco Catalyst 2950 Series includes two software image versions that support different degrees of functionality-the Standard Image (SI) and the Enhanced Image (EI). The version of software depends solely on the model of switch selected, with no upgrade capabilities.

The SI version is embedded in Cisco Catalyst 2950-12, 2950-24, and 2950SX-24 switches, and supports basic Cisco IOS Software functions, Fast Ethernet connectivity, and cluster management.

The EI version is embedded in Cisco Catalyst 2950T-24, 2950C-24, 2950G-12,

2950G-24, and 2950G-48 switches, and supports advanced intelligent services, gigabit connectivity, and a richer set of features. These include Cisco Spanning-Tree Protocol enhancements for high availability, access control parameters (ACPs) for enhanced security, and Differentiated Services Code Point (DCSP) and rate limiting for advanced QoS.

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For CCIE you definitly need 3550 EMI.


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