Retrieving & Listening To VM Messages Off Intertel Syste


While I am CTO of my medium sized company, I am not a telecom expert

and apologize in advance if my technical knowledge of our Intertel

system is "lacking".

My company has the Intertel Axxess System (v8.002) and I believe the

AVDAP Voice Mail. I have access to configuring the System via the

Intertel Session Manager which runs DB Studio. I also have network

access to both the Intertel Box (which is how I connect with DB

Studio) and the Voice Mail Box.

I have been asked if it possible to retrieve saved messages off of the

Voice Mail System and store and listen to them via PC, Tape, CD,

whatever. While I understand that I can record the messages as they

play back using a Telephone Recording device attached to the phone, I

am interested in a more sophisticated solution (and simply put, just


I was poking around the Voice Mail Box (boy do I hate Windows NT) and

discovered that in the c:\avdap\db\rcrdings folder exist all the

saved messages in the system. All of the files are saved with an

.r24 extension.

I copied a few of the files over to my laptop, where I have a program

called Cool Edit Pro. This program recognizes that the file holds

raw audio data, but it is unable to determine the sampling rate, the

bit rate, the compression method, etc.

My question is is there a program out there that will play these

Intertel proprietary .r24 files? If not does anyone know how these

files are compressed, with which sampling rate and bit rate? I have

tried a few but get a lot of static. If I can tell the program how

to interpret the file I can then play the file properly and save as

any file type I desire.

Is there any other better way that anyone can think of for getting

these messages off the system?

Thanks for your answers and input in advance.

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I have done this many time. You have to watch the avdap monitor while you access the message you want to copy. Then you will have to copy it out from the avdap\msgs directory. Then you will have to convert it from its 24 bit format to something more useful like a wav file. There are utilities available for this like Gold Wave.

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By the way Inter-tel has their own convert program available. You would have to contact your fdealer to get a copy. I think Gold Wave will do it for you as well.

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Giganews you can connect with other Intertel Managers at the



Good Luck

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