Cross-connect issue?

I've connected a Samsung DCS 816 to a patch panel via its amphenol

cable - I can plug phones directly into this patch panel with

mod-taps and they work.

However, when I try to patch each connection to the distribution panel

for wall/floor outlets, the phones no longer work - should I be

cross-connecting the patch panels?

Many thanks!

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What kind of patch cable are you using?

My guess is that the Samsung set is polarity sensitive. If you're using RJ-14 patch cords, try making up data cables instead of telephone patch cords.

Carl Navarro

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Carl Navarro

I am not a Samsung guy, so take my advice with a grain of salt ;-)

I think that you may have a problem with different pin layouts on the panel your amphenols are terminated at and the rest of your cabling system. This would affect your phones if they are two-pair phones. This would not the case if they are single-pair phones. Basically, what happens is the second pair on a T568A panel would end up in place of third pair on a T568B jack. Some phones use the second pair for delivering power, so, it would essentially be dead if power for the phone ends up not where it's expected. Here is a link to these pin layouts:

formatting link
them out, see if this problem applies to you.

To fix this problem you would have to re-terminate the amphenol panel or use special cords converting A to B. I personally would prefer re-terminating the amphenol panel because all you need to do is to move pair 2 to 3 (or vice versa) on every port, and it's easy to do if you have a punch-down tool.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

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