PRI Channel Splitting?

We have a PRI that we want to service 2 separate phone systems. I'm trying to find a device under $1000 to take a PRI and split channels it into two separate physical PRI links and plug it into two separate phone systems (no the phone systems can't do this). The framing needs to be NI2 or 5ESS. I know that you can't split it in the sense that you can create 2 D channels but all I want to do is be able to use a few channels of the PRI on one of the systems and the rest on the other. Is this possible and if so does anyone know of a device that will do it? Any info would be greatly appreciated.



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Terry Dalton
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I've seen devices in Europe that do this based on euro-isdn, so I would guess that American versions should also be available. The ones I've seen actuallu provide 2 full PRI's on the user side and one or more on the networkside. These devices generally have a number allocation table in which you tell it which calls should be routed to which number.

One company I now has these is Telindus (see:

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although I'm not sure if they'll deliver in the US.


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Arnold Ligtvoet

Adtran Atlas...

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David Lesher

You could also use a PC (for such piping an 1U Mini-itx may do) and the 2 or 4PRI cards from Sangoma together with an asterisk installation on the pc.

A bit complicated, but it does work, and costs below $1k.

If you want full PRI functionality it becomes a phone switch.

There are other muxes where you can take slots from an E1/T1, but this needs similar stuff on the other side.

-- mrr

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